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Our modern manufacturing facility is equipped to process a wide variety of medium & fine pitch gear & sprocket products. Our reputation and our ability to provide superior quality, cost effective pricing & on-time delivery gives us a significant advantage over the competition.

Be sure to read about our key capabilities, products and services, and the equipment we use in providing high quality gears.

Service Key Capabilities  

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You need a responsible, dependable company that knows your market - a company that can provide maximum accuracy and speed at minimum costs, from timely estimates, to engineering, to warranty support, to finished assembly and delivery. We're here to fill that need for you.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified

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  • Custom Cut Gears to
    AGMA Class 12
  • Complete Line of CNC Gear
    Manufacturing Equipment
  • Hobbed or Shaped Gears
  • Shaved Gears

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